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Il primo Dantedì celebrato da due brani
del compositore newyorkese Carman Moore

Pubblicato: Lunedì 23 marzo 2020




Celebriamo il primo Dantedì con l’ascolto di due brani musicali che il compositore newyorkese Carman Moore ci ha concesso, tratti dalla sua opera rock Don and Bea in Loveispirata dalla lettura del Paradiso

- Opening Brian Lead
- 12 Seventh Heaven

"I have chosen to modernize an approach to the enormous place LOVE has had in the account of Dante and Beatrice. Its energy has connected literature and love with all of Western culture. I have chosen to reconstruct it as a story opening in Outer Space which plays with the notion that Bea invents Time/Space out of curiosity and sends Don flying to Earth looking for her.  “SEVENTH HEAVEN” sings of a time when Don and Bea have again found each other and the love they have truly always had in their hearts for each other.  My setting features the “church” sounds” of U.S. gospel singing, church organ, and the drive of African-American worship services in a rock format". 
Carman Moore

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