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ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) Philosophical Seminar
Online workshop | May 20th, 2021

Pubblicato: Lunedì 10 maggio 2021
ART (Aesthetics Research Torino)
Philosophical Seminar
May 20th, 2021
9 am – 1:30 pm (CET) 
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Online workshop
This workshop opens a series of meetings dedicated to the new research topic of aesthetic habits involving an international team of scholars. For some years the theme of habits has been at the center of the international philosophical debate, both in the perspective of historical research (with reference to philosophers such as Montaigne, Hume, Ravaisson, Hegel, Dewey, Peirce) and in that of theoretical and empirical research.
In general, habits are understood as dispositions acquired by human beings in their interaction with the environment. Habits guide and facilitate the exercise of different individual and social activities: from the most common daily practices to highly qualified and specialized skills, such as sports practices and playing musical instruments. Thereby habits influence the individual / environment interaction and contribute to shaping personal and collective identities.
Philosophical investigation, especially in the neo-phenomenological and neo-pragmatist fields, and neuroscientific research are highlighting that human experience cannot be reduced to computational algorithms: rather, the human being acts thanks to habits that are not simple calculation routines, but plastic capacities able to (trans)form themselves through their own exercise. In the context of the contemporary research on habits, the specific purpose of the Turin workshop is to lay the foundations for the study of the relation between habits and aesthetics, a still under-explored specific topic (the scholars involved in the workshop are among the few exceptions).
The focus will be on:
  • the role of aesthetic experience in the constitution and functioning of habits
  • the articulation of specific aesthetic notions and categories (such as those of-style, taste, ritual, performance) in terms of habits
  • the relation between art and habits
  • the role of aesthetic habits in the framework of specific questions of contemporary aesthetics - from evolutionary aesthetics sto the question of aesthetic normativity and the growing role of digital media in the configuration of individual and social habits

Alessandro Bertinetto | Federico Vercellone | Gaetano Chiurazzi | Georg Bertram | Giovanni Matteucci | Emmanuel Alloa | Adam Andrzejewski Igor Pelgreffi | Alice Iacobone | Tullio Viola | Paolo Furia | Mariagrazia Portera | Gioia Laura Iannilli | Laura Candiotto | Roberta Dreon | Emanuele Arielli

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