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Covid-19: Ethical Issues, Public Perceptions and Social Dynamics in Pandemic Responses. Cross-Country and Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Turin 4th - 5th November 2022 | online and in presence

Pubblicato: Martedì 18 ottobre 2022

4th - 5th November 2022
University of Turin, Philosophy and Educational Sciences
Palazzo Nuovo, Via Sant'Ottavio 20
Aula (room) 33 – 1st Floor
The conference can be followed on Webex

14.00 – 14.45: Attendees’ arrival
14.45 – 15.00: Welcome and Opening address (Prof. Maurizio Balistreri, University of Turin)

14.45 – 16.30: Perceptions of the ethics of containment strategies (chairman: Maurizio Balistreri, University of Turin)
15.00 - 15.15: General introduction on the project ‘Citizens’ perceptions of Ethical Issues in the Covid-19 crisis: Cross-Country and Cross-Cultural Comparisons’ (Kevin De Sabbata, Keele University)
15.15 – 15.30: Methodological considerations on the Quantitative analysis of Survey Data (Marco Clari and Alessio Conti, University of Turin)
15.30 – 15.50: Citizen’s Perceptions of the Ethics of Containment Measures: Cross-Country and Cross-Cultural Comparisons (Kevin De Sabbata, Keele University; Pim Klaassen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Lizet Brenkman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
15.50 – 16.30: Discussion (Discussant: Lorena Forni, Università Milano Bicocca)

[16.30 – 16.45:  Coffee Break]

16.45 – 18.30 – Ethical-legal reflection on dilemmas in pandemic management (Chairman: Steven Umbrello)
16.45 - 17.05: Historical and Epistemic Aspects of Pandemic Management (Flavio D’Abramo, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
17.05 – 17.25: The Complexity of the Ethical Issues Surrounding Covid (Lucia Galvagni, FBK Center for Religious Studies, Trento)
17.25 – 17.45: Against Pandemic. An Ethical and Legal Analysis of the Italian Law (Lorena Forni, Università Milano Bicocca)
17.45 – 18.05: The Covid 19 Pandemic as a Chance and a Challenge for a new Balance of Values? (Emilio Corriero, University of Turin)

18.05 – 18.30: Q&A

[End of day one] 

9.30 – 10.40 - Perceptions of the ethics of triage (Chairman: Alessio Conti, University of Turin)
9.30 – 9.50: Citizens’ Perceptions of the Ethics of Triage: Cross-Country and Cross-Cultural Comparisons (Rachel Brenner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Missouri; Asyiah Tsabita, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
9.50 – 10.10: Triaging Critical Care during Covid-19: results from a Global Rapid Qualitative Study (Alessio Conti, University of Turin)
10.10 – 10.40: Discussion (Discussant: Marco Vergano, ASL Città di Torino and SIAARTI)
[10.40 - 10.50: Coffee Break]
10.50 – 12.15: Covid-19 and Vaccines (Chairman: Steven Umbrello, TU Delft)
10.50 – 11.10: Citizen’s Perceptions of the Ethics of Covid Vaccines: Cross-Country and Cross-Cultural Comparisons (Welcome Wami, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development; Maurizio Balistreri, University of Turin)
11.10-11.30: The Opinion of University Students on the Covid-19 Vaccination: an Italian perspective (Marco Clari, University of Turin)
11.30 - 11.50: Covid vaccines procurement and global justice (Mark Ecclestone Turner, King’s College London)
11.50 – 12.15: Discussion (Discussant: Mark Eccleston-Turner, King’s College London)

[12.15 – 12.30: Aperitivo]

12.30 – 13.45 : Covid-19: Experiences and Take-Home Messages (Chairman: Kevin De Sabbata, Keele University)
12.30 – 12.45: Solving Dilemmas and Giving advice during the Pandemic (John Coggon, University of Bristol)

Panel Discussion – Covid-19: Experiences, Perceptions and Lessons Learned

  • John Coggon (University of Bristol)
  • Asmita Poudel (University of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust)
  • Marco Vergano (ASL Città di Torino and SIAARTI)

[End of Conference] 

The Conference is organised by Professor Maurizio Balistreri (University of Turin) and Dr. Kevin De Sabbata (Keele University)
For information write to or phone (+39)3332122814

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