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Conferenza ART - Santiago Zabala (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)

Da: Mercoledì 20 maggio 2020 ore 17:00
Fino a: Mercoledì 20 maggio 2020 ore 19:00

Pubblicato: Martedì 12 maggio 2020 da Alessandro Giovanni Bertinetto

The next lecture of ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) Philosophical Seminar will be delivered by Prof. Santiago Zabala on Mai, 20th at 5 p.m.



Santiago Zabala (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra University). ""Emergency Aesthetics: Art, Philosophy, and Hermeneutics".

Even though art, just like religion and politics (and even history), has been declared dead several times, it always returns with a vengeance—and with a demand. Turning to these demands means that philosophers must  search for a realm where Being emerges, that is, where our existential condition is disclosed. The goal of this talk for the "Aesthetics Research Torino" seminar is to venture into these disclosures through the greatest emergencies. These, as Heidegger pointed out, are those emergencies we overlook, ignore, and discard. If the "greatest emergency" today has become the "absence of emergencies" how can we disrupt them? Why is art able to thrust us into these emergencies? And why must we be "rescued" into them in order to save us?


Santiago Zabala is ICREA Research Professor of Philosophy at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and author of many books, including Why Only Art Can Save Us: Aesthetics and the Absence of Emergency (Columbia University Press, 2017). He has written for the Guardian, the New York Times, and Al-Jazeera. His latest book is Being at Large: Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts (McGill-Queens University Press, 2020).


ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) is a periodic philosophical seminar organized by the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin and the PhD Program FINO. It is coordinated by Prof. Alessandro Bertinetto.

ART addresses different topics of the contemporary debate in Aesthetics: philosophy of beauty, philosophy of the arts, theory of sensory experience, philosophy of image and imagination, and history of aesthetics.

ART is supported by:
Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sulla Morfologia Francesco Moiso (CIM)
Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale di Logica, Linguaggio e Cognizione (LLC)
Centro Studi Arti della Modernità

Centro Studi Filosofico-religiosi "Luigi Pareyson"
Laboratorio di Ontologia (Labont)


ART is sponsored by: 
Italian Society for Aesthetics (SIE) 
European Society for Aesthetics (ESA)


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