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Conferenza ART - Enrico Terrone (Università di Genova)

Da: Mercoledì 10 febbraio 2021 ore 18:00
Fino a: Mercoledì 10 febbraio 2021 ore 20:00

Pubblicato: Martedì 2 febbraio 2021 da Alessandro Giovanni Bertinetto

ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) Philosophical Seminar 

Prof. Enrico Terrone 

(Università di Genova)


February, 10th at 6 p.m.






Pw: drRR5E32kpU



The Appreciation Game. A Monist Ontology of Works of Art


A pluralist ontology states that works of art can belong to distinct ontological categories whereas a monist ontology states that all works of art belong to one ontological category. A monist ontology would be preferable since it paves the way for a unified account of art. Yet, monist conceptions find it hard to deal with cultural practices of art appreciation. In the first part of the paper I will discuss two quite popular monist strategies. According to the one strategy, all works of art are types; according to the other, all works of art are actions. I will argue that both these strategies fail to deal with the relevant cultural practices. In the second part of the paper, I will propose a new monist ontology of art according to which all works of art are norms governing appreciation. I will argue that this account can succeed in dealing with the relevant cultural practices.


Enrico Terrone is Associate Professor of Aesthetics at Università di Genova. He received a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino and a PhD in Philosophy from the Università di Torino. He was visiting researcher at Institut Jean Nicod in Paris, and Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow at LOGOS, Universitat de Barcelona. He has published papers in international journals such as British Journal of Aesthetics, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Ergo, Erkenntnis. Among his books: Filosofia dell'ingegneria (2019), Filosofia del film (2014), Filosofia delle serie Tv (2012). He works on philosophical issues concerning fiction and depiction. His primary area of research is philosophy of film.



ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) is a periodic philosophical seminar organized by the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin and the the PhD Program FINO.


Prof. Alessandro Bertinetto (University of Turin). 

Prof. Federico Vercellone (University of Turin). 



Dr. Paolo Furia (University of Turin). 

Dr. Lisa Giombini (University Rome 3). 

Dr. Gregorio Tenti (FINO Doctoral School). 

Dr. Alice Iacobone (FINO Doctoral School)


ART addresses different topics of the contemporary debate in Aesthetics: philosophy of beauty, philosophy of the arts, theory of sensory experience, philosophy of image and imagination, and history of aesthetics.

ART is supported by:
Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sulla Morfologia Francesco Moiso (CIM)
Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale di Logica, Linguaggio e Cognizione (LLC)
Centro Studi Arti della Modernità

Centro Studi Filosofico-religiosi "Luigi Pareyson"
Laboratorio di Ontologia (Labont)


ART is sponsored by: 
Italian Society for Aesthetics (SIE) 
European Society for Aesthetics (ESA)


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